iGEO, the most used software in the pest control sector


More than 900 companies around the world use our software, given it is the most specialised programme in pest control and environmental health. By using our software every day, you will optimise and make each of your company’s processes profitable. iGEO is located on the cloud, which allows your office clerks and technicians, as well as your customers, to remain
connected at the same time.

Pest control and environmental health companies require working with a software that is specialised in the sector and that contains a series of features and tools delivering features adapted to their real needs.

What is our pest control software useful for?

Still today, many businesses keep wondering whether they are really going to take advantage of and obtain the expected results by using a software like iGEO. It is clear, as it has been proven multiple times, that implementing a platform like iGEO in work processes allows you to adapt 100 % to the sector’s needs. At the same time, you will get an unprecedented profitability in all your company’s departments.

All features implemented are aimed at automatising processes, so that iGEO is charged with performing the most complex tasks. Thus, you will save time and reduce your working times.

Nowadays, digitalisation is a requirement that all companies will need to meet. Nevertheless, it is crucial that this process is guided by professionals that know the pest control sector and that understand your business’s working methodologies, so that they are able to walk you through the digitalisation procedure and ensure a perfect adaptation throughout all departments.

Global data analysis

Features of our pest control software

The difference between a software specialised in pest control and others that are more generic is that all of the developments carried out by the former are aimed exclusively at the sector’s real needs, which are reported by clients.

New features are built with the market’s most powerful technology. This is the only way for your pest control business to grow at the rate it deserves. Among those that have contributed the most to companies’ evolution is the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to daily processes.

For that matter, iGEO’s route optimisation through Artificial Intelligence is vital to generate the most optimised trip for each technician. This innovative planning system takes different parameters into consideration, such as customers’ schedules, technicians’ workdays, zones’ average traffic, travel times, breaks, and other aspects of your choice.

Technology is not only implemented in internal procedures: you will also have access to a quote calculator that will allow you to generate and deliver quotes to your customers, which will take into account profit margins and apply a set of customised costs. Your own customers will even be able to obtain reports, advanced trend charts, heat maps, etc.


Benefits of our pest control software

One of iGEO‘s multiple benefits is that it allows you to work anywhere, anytime, regardless of the device of your choice. And all this, in real time.

The interconnection between the different departments, as well as with your customers, contributes to performing a comprehensive process at once. This will help you reduce your times and optimise your work.

Furthermore, iGEO works exclusively for this sector, so our professionals, many of whom worked in the past for pest control companies, know perfectly the tools needed by businesses to grow. Our clients’ contribute to it, too.

Nevertheless, if you decide to work with a software created by a company devoted to developing many types of programmes, it will hinder your growth. In the end, you will see how your competitors have taken a great stride forward, while your business has been left behind.

The goal of all these innovations is that hard work becomes simple. Thus, the tasks of all the employees in the company will become easier.

Why have more than 900 companies implemented iGEO successfully?

iGEO comprises a team of more than 40 employees, that develops new features each month, as well as new customised documentation designs. In addition, our RDI department is dedicated to analysing and implementing new technology (smart traps integrated in iGEO, route optimisation through AI, heat maps, etc.), which is made available to our clients.

After all, there is no software aimed at big or small companies only; don’t let yourself be fooled. There is only one programme capable of accommodating all businesses in the sector, without making any distinctions.

The most powerful companies use iGEO because it is the only software with the potential needed to meet all real requirements of the sector.

Why do pest control companies need an ERP?

ERP for pest control companies

At the beginning of 2020, the world changed forever; thus, this sector experienced a great metamorphosis, too. Companies’ digitalisation was accelerated even more than expected, since it was the only way for businesses to survive.

Market’s trends showed that companies needed to work with an ERP software adapted to their sector. In fact, the number of businesses that opted to work with a cloud-based programme increased so as to safeguard all their information and be able to work with the greatest versatility possible.

What is an ERP?

An ERP, or ‘Enterprise Resource Planning’, provides with a set of resources and tools to centralise and optimise all business processes. It works as a space or platform that gathers all data regarding a company in order to manage them in a much more direct, efficient way. This makes most brand’s work processes easier.

Which advantages does an ERP offer to pest control companies?

A comprehensive organisation of your company will allow you to have all necessary information available in real time. Efficiency in your work processes will contribute to maximising your business’s profitability.

Gaining control over all business decisions you need to make is vital to keep growing. Having all data in your hands will make the decision-making process quicker and more accurate.

Nowadays, adapting to the sector’s real needs is mandatory for all pest control companies. Specialisation is now more necessary than ever so that your business stands out among your competitors.

But, for that matter, you need to work with a comprehensive ERP exclusively conceived for your sector. The software you choose will be key for your business’s growth, so the app’s modules will need to evolve constantly.

An ERP must meet the sector’s current needs and have a vision about its future. Technology must be implemented to improve the company’s performance. Task automatisation entails great time and money savings.

A company’s human resources must focus on improving other aspects, but routine processes must be systematically performed by an ERP. Furthermore, tasks duplicates are, thus, avoided, too, and costs are reduced.

Integration with other actors in the sector

For any business, being renowned in this sector is essential. Therefore, your pest control ERP needs to integrate all actors in the sector. For instance, it may grant you access to learning platforms and official training courses, so that you may manage your technicians’ licences through official institutions.

It is also crucial to be in direct contact with the sector’s main providers. This will allow you to place orders to vendors in a simple, comfortable way and to manage them quickly.

After all, it is necessary to have a comprehensive board, so that all purchases, orders, and returns are available at a glance. Bear in mind that these are the company’s expenses, and it is vital to manage this kind of resources properly in order for warehouses to have the stock needed.

Obviously, you must demand that your ERP facilitates the contact with the sector’s many vendors, and that these provide you with their products’ catalogue along with all the official information, safety data sheets, registrations, etc. automatically.

Regarding planning, you need to be able to schedule the sector’s events in your calendar. Your company may not have a marketing department, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep working to expand your brand and continue growing.

What happens with my data’s security?

One of the fundamental aspects is for the ERP to be hosted in one of the three big clouds, whether it is Google’s, Amazon’s or , or Microsoft’sYour company’s information, as well as your customers’, is the most important thing. Therefore, it needs to be saved and stored in big servers.

Data centres (where your data are stored) count on strong security measures against hackers wanting to access them. Be aware of the fact that, if you decide to save the information in a traditional way in your computer, any system failure or employee with access to them may download it all steal all your data.

However, working with an ERP will allow you to control at all times each employee’s access to information and limit the data they may view. You will always have the capacity to either open or close the range of authorisations in real time.

Think about the security of your customers’ information. Confidentiality and data protection will be thus ensured. In addition, nobody will be able to extract certain customer details and steal the portfolio it took you so much time and effort to build.

Regarding storage’s capacity, the cloud is a practically unlimited space. If you work in an office and save your information locally, there will come a time when you will no longer be able to store more data. Furthermore, working in the cloud will ensure that documents are perfectly organised.

Now you are aware of the importance of working with an ERP for pest control companies. Don’t lose any more time and choose an ERP specialised in the sector.